Power Supply Unit Compatibility list.


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To find for a suitable PSU replacement in the list bellow, use the "find" function in the "Edit" menu of your internet browser, then go to the suitable PSU page to buy it.


Note that in rare cases, even if your PSU is in the compatible list below, it may not fit your particular chassis perfectly (Wire length, position or type may vary sligtly).

In the unlikely event of incompatibility, you are welcome to return the item for a refund (Minus postage).


Standard PS2 PSU.

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This PSU replaces the following items:


Bestec ATX-250-12E, ATX-300-12E, ATX-250-12Z, ATX-250-12Z-D, ATX-250-12V, HP 5187-1098, 5188-2622.

Dell 00N380, 02N333, 04G456, 0N380, 1E115, 2N333, 4G456, 79WPJ, DLP2507FW2, DPS-200PB-146-B, HP-D2537F3R, HP-P2507F3B, HP-P2507F3C, HP-P2507F3CP, HP-P2507F3P, HP-P2507FW, NPS-250GB, NPS-250GB-B, NPS-250KB, NPS-250KB-B, P0304, PS-5201-8D1, PS-5201-8D2, PS-6311-1D, 0009228C, 9228C, 00055079, 00055080, 00087346, 55079, 55080, 87346, 824KH, CN-08765D, HP-233SNF, NPS-200P, NPS-200PB-123-A, NPS-200PB-123A, NPS-200PB-73, NPS-200PB-73 M, NPS-200PB-73-M, PS-5141-3D, PS-5201-1D1A, PS-5201-7D, TH-9228C,HP-P1457F3


Gateway, 1670, 1763, 100744, 100889, 100929.


In Win IW-P250A3-1

and more...


SFX PSU with fan on top

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SFX PSU with fan inside

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These PSUs replace the following items:

Emachines 266 300 300C 300K 333C 333CS 333K 333I 333ID 366I 366ID 366C 366IS 366I2 400I2 400ID 400IDX 400IX 400I 400I3 433I 466I 466ID 466IR 466IS 466IX 500I 500ID 500IDX 500IS 500IX 533ID 533IR 533I 533ID2 566I 566I2 566IRX 566IR
eMonster 500 500A 550 550R 600.
Hp Pavilion ATX100-5 HP 0950-3449, 0950-3602, 0950-3657, D9287-69001, 0950-3961, 0950-3646, 0950-3746, 0950-3994, 5185-2917, D9287-69001 DPS-120AB A DELTA DPS-120AB-1 B
Compaq 138652-001 174048-001
Emachines Ilssan ISP 120S HP 0950-3449 0950-3602 0950-3657 D9287-69001 0950-3961 0950-3646 0950-3746 0950-3994 5184-2191 5185-2003 HPR1603A302 ATX100-5
Delta DPS-120AB-1 B, DPS-120AB A, DPS-111AB, DPS-145PB-111
Hipro HP-K1603A3 ATX-1523D ATX-1523F
Ac Bel API-8628,  API-9565 (Rev. D) 90W 4p, SFXL-250P-SSSS
Bestec ATX-100-5 (atx100-5), ATX-151 (atx151) 4p, ATX93-1523F, ATX93-3415
Delta DPS-120AB-1 B 4p, DPS-120AB-1B Rev 02 (dps120ab1b) 4p
Hipro HP-K1363A3, HP-K1603A3, HPR1603A302
LiteOn PS-5900-2
HP 0950-3602 (4p), 0950-3657 (4p), 0950-3746 (4p), 5184-2191 (4p), D9287-69001 (4p EWOK 120W)
0950-3602, 0950-3646, 0950-3449, 0950-3994, 5185-2003, D9095-63010
FSP-200 50NIV, ST-232MQ
Cheiftec SFX-230P2
Enermax EG285S-VB
Enlight B4787

And more.....

SFX with Power socket on short side

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This PSU replaces the following items:

FSP-180 51NI
Gateway 6500192, 6500329, 6500361, 6500401, 6500451, 6500495, 6500505, 6500506, 6500507, 6500510, 6500527, 6500545, 6500633, 6500400
Astec ATX90-3405, ATX90-3405, ATX92-3405, ATX93-3405
Bestec ATX-100-6, DPS-145PB-117
Delta DPS-145PB-117-A
Hipro HP-G1507A3C, HP-G1507A3C
Newton NPS-90AB, NPS-90AB, NPS-90AB-1, NPS-90EB, NPS-90EB-A, NPS-145PB-117, NPS-145PB-117A, NPS-145PB-117-A
EN-8156903, HPC15010, ATX93 3405, ENP2120A, ENP1215A, ENP2125A
FSP145 51NI, FSP180 51NIV,
and more...


PS3 PSU, 4cm shorter than standard PS2 PSU

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This PSU replaces the following items:

ACBel API-7675, ACBel API-8541
Astec AA20360
IBM 20L2166
In Win IPS-1806CV-60, In Win IW-P180B2-0, In Win IW-P180BX-0, In Win IW-P180BX-1, In Win LPS-1806DV-20
Yokogawa PS036B-0101.
Enlight EN-8201931al, B4777 EN-8156901, B4189 SI-C145M2
High Power SI-A250M2, SI-C145M2
Bestec ATX-1951D, ATX,1956F, ATS-100, ATS-150, ATX-1956D, PS-6161-2H
COMPAQ 0950-2800, 0950-3426, 0950-3623, 0950-3751, 0950-3961, 0950-4097, 0950-4106, 0950-4107, 0950-4270, 5184-3961, 0950-3253, 0950-3623, 5183-6914, 5187-1061 0950-4107, 5185-2974,   
COMPAQ PRESARIO 6000T CTO, 6000Z CTO, 6288AP, 63OOUS, 6301RSH, 631OUS, 6315CL, 632OUS, 6324SE, 6325CL, 6326SE, 633OUS, 6331RSH, 6333OM, 635OUS, 6351RSH, 637OUS, 64OONX, 6401RSH, 6404US, 641ONX, 6412US, 6415CL, 642ONX, 6421US, 6422SE, 643ONX, 6433US, 6435CL, 645ONX, 6454NX,, 647ONX, 6473SA, 6475CL, 6485CL,
COMPAQ 333818-001
DELTA DPS-160GB B, DPS-110MB-1, DPS-145PB-112, DPS-200PB 135A, DPS-200PB-74 B
FSP FSP200 60SPV-D, FSP145 60SP, FSP270 50SPV, PS3-300P-SSNS, FSP180 60SPV
HIPRO HP-A1507F3, HP-146SSA, HP-146SSC, Hipro HP-A2027F3
HP PAVILION 9790C, XL753, XL754, XL756, XL759,
HP 0950-4270, HP 5187-4875
HP PAVILION XL761, XL766, XL768, 7955, XL773, XT983, XL776, XL866, XP788, XP789,
HP 0950-4097, 0950-4107, 5185-2974,
HP MEDIA CENTER 863N, 873N, 883N, M200Y CTO, M260N, M270N, M270, M280N, M370N, M376N, M377N, M380N, M380, M385C, M390N, M476N,
HP PAVILION 304W, 325C, 354N, 364N, 374N, 503G, 503N, 503W, 503X, 504N, 505N, 505W, 506X, 513 CTO, 513C, 513G, 513M, 513N, 513W, 513X, 514C, 514N, 514X, 515N, 515X, 516X, 522 CTO, 523 CTO, 523N, 524C, 524G, 524W, 525C, 525W, 525X, 526X, 533 CTO, 533C, 533W, 542 CTO, 543 CTO, 543X, 544N, 545X, 552 CTO, 553W, 553X, 554E CTO, 554X, 554Y CTO, 555E CTO, 555F CTO, 562 CTO, 563W, XV866, 564W, 564X, 573 BTCO, 576X, 700 CTO, 701 CTO, 703C, 710 CTO, 713C, 716N, 724C, 725N, 733N, 734K, 735N, 743 CTO, 743C, 743G, 744K, 744V, 746C, 750 CTO, 751 CTO, 752 CTO, 753 CTO, 753C, 753N, 754N, 754V, 755V, 760 CTO, 761 CTO, 762 CTO, 763 CTO, 763C, 764C, 764N, 764X, 772 CTO, 774E CTO, 774Y CTO, 775E CTO, 775Y CTO, 7800 CTO, 78ON, 783 CTO, 783C, 7864, 7867, 7875, 78XX, 7900 CTO, 7905 CTO, 7910 CTO, 792 CTO, 793 CTO, 0950-2800, 793C, 794C, 0950 3426, 794N,
HP 0950-3623, HP PAVILION 7965, HP 0950-3751, HP PAVILION 7975, HP 0950-3961, HP PAVILION 854, HP 5184-3961
HP PAVILION 854N, 864, 864N, 876X, 884, 884N, 886C, 894C, 6329, 896C, 6330, 9800 CTO, 6331, M300Y CTO, 6333, XT860, 6336, XT865, 6337, XT878, 6340, XT958, 6343, XT959, 6346, XT978, 6350, 6351, 6353, 6355, 6356, 6357, 6360, 6370Z, 6408, 6409, 6460, 6465, 6466, 6468, 6470Z, 6475Z, 7935, 8400 CTO, 8500 CTO, 8562, 8565C, 8662C, 8700A CTO, 87001 CTO, 8755C, 8756C, 8766C, 8775C, 8776C,
HP PAVILION 9600 CTO, 9600A CTO, 96001 CTO, 9686C, XL761, XP789,
HP 0950-4106,
HP PAVILION 8533Z, 8543Z, 8550C, 8555C, 8556C, 8560C, 8562, 8565C, 8566C, 8570C, 8575C, 8576C, 8578C, 8580C, 8586C, 8590C, 8595C, 8650C, 8652C, 8655C, 8656C, 8660C, 510N, 8662C, 8665C, 8668C, 8670C, 8676C, 8693C, 8750C, 8754C, 8755C, 8756C, 8760C, 8762C, 8765C, 8766C, 8770C, 8772C, 8775C, 8776C, 8785C, 8860, 8870, 9680C, 9682C, 9686C, 9688C, 9690C, 9692C, 9694C, 9695C, 9780C,
LITEON PS-6251 2H1, PS-6161-2H1
Enhance SFX-2020, SFX, 2015


SFX PSU with fan inside

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This PSU replaces the following items:


HP 0950-3449,  0950-3602, 0950-3646, 0950-3657, 0950-3746, 0950-3961, 0950-3994, 5184-2191, 5185-2003

5185-2917, 5185-2934, 5185-2974, D9287-69001, P4680-63021

Compaq 138652-001, 174048-001, 189801-001, 201829-001, 207817-001, 216008-001, 216008-002,

216912-001, 251626-001

Bestec ATX-100-5, ATX-151, ATX-1523D, ATX-1523F

Delta DPS-111AB-A, DPS-120AB A, DPS-120AB-1 B, DPS-149AB A 

Hipro HP-K1363A3, HP-K1517F3, HP-K1603A3, HPR1603A301, HPR1603A302, HPR1603A303, HP-K1107A3

IIsan ISP 120S, ISP 120S

Morex MXM-145TF1

Liteon PS-5141-4, PS-5900-2

Emachine PWP165H

Samsung SFX-108-C

Soltek SS-300SFD

Seventeam ST-250MAK, ST-250MAC, ST-200MK

FSP200-50SNV(PF), FSP145 50DP



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This PSU replaces the following items:


ENP-2224B, ENP-2222B, ENP-2220A, HP-G251GF3, HP-G2207F3, FSP160-60SAV, FSP180-60SAV, FSP250-50SAV, FSP270-50SAV, FSP220-60PLA, FSP145-60SI, FSP-300 60SV, TFX0250D5W, DR-150Flex, Dell Inspiron 530S, Dell Inspiron 531S


and more...


1U, Shuttle PSU

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This PSU replaces the following items:



Achme AM611BS15S, Achme AM618BS15S, Achme AM630BS20S,

Enhance ENP0812A, ENP2320, ENP2320A, ENP2322B, EPIA-180W-1U-RS,

FSP FSP180-60PLF, FSP180-50PLF, FSP200-50PLA, FSP200-50PLA2, FSP220 60LE,

PC40I2503, PC5013002, SHU25EF3, 9TPWR2501H,

Shuttle PC30, Shuttle PS-X200W, Shuttle XPC FV25, Shuttle XPC SB51G, Shuttle XPC SB51GB, Shuttle XPC SB52G2, Shuttle XPC SB61G2, Shuttle XPC SB62G2, Shuttle XPC SB65G2, Shuttle XPC SB75G2, Shuttle XPC SB77G5, Shuttle XPC SB83G5, Shuttle XPC SB83G5C, Shuttle XPC SK41G, Shuttle XPC SK41GPFC, Shuttle XPC SK43G, Shuttle XPC SN45G, Shuttle XPC SS40G, Shuttle XPC SS50C, Shuttle XPC SS51G, Shuttle XPC SS51G1, Shuttle XPC SS51G1(v2.0), Shuttle XPC SS56G, Shuttle XPC SS58G2, Shuttle XPC ST61G4, Shuttle XPC SV24,


Seventeam ST-220FUB,

Merit EC7536-01

and more...



CFX PSU for shuttle

and BTX PCs

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This PSU replaces the following



Hipro HP-Q2757F3P, IW-P300P1-0,

AcBel API4PC63,


Macron MPT-C275, Seventeam ST

300CPD, PS-275EH

and more...



Slim ATX Desktop PSU

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This PSU replaces the following



Q-Tec ADT-300, MPT-A230,

Wintech WIN-400PE

and more...




PSU for HP Pavilion Slimline PC

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This PSU replaces the following items:




AC Bel PC6012

AC Bel PC6034

Delta DPS-160QB

Delta DPS-180XB A

Delta DPS-180XB

Delta DPS-108DB-1 A

Delta DPS-108DB-1

HP Pavilion s3520br

HP Pavilion s3500f

HP Pavilion s3521

HP Pavilion s3521.uk

HP Pavilion s3521.sc

HP Pavilion s3122x

HP Media Vault MV2010

HP Media Vault MV2020

HP Pavilion EN996AA

HP Pavilion s7310n           

HP Pavilion s3330f


HP 5188-7520

HP Pavilion s3120n           

HP Pavilion s3100y

HP Pavilion s3521p

HP Pavilion s3307c

HP Pavilion s7220n

HP Pavilion s7120n

HP Pavilion s5310f

HP Pavilion s3600f

HP Pavilion s3620f

HP Pavillion s3652uk

HP Pavilion s3200n

HP 5188-7521

HP Pavilion s3023w


HP 5188-2755

HP Pavilion s7210n

HP Pavilion s7400n

HP Pavilion s7410n

HP Pavilion s7415c

HP Pavilion s7420n

HP Pavilion s7421c

HP Pavilion s7500e

HP Pavilion s7500n

HP Pavilion s7500y

HP Pavilion s7510n

HP Pavilion s7515x

HP Pavilion s7517c

HP Pavilion s7520n

HP Pavilion s7527c

HP Pavilion s7530n

HP Pavilion s7600n           

HP Pavilion s7603w

HP Pavilion s7605n

HP Pavilion s7612n           

HP Pavilion s7613w

HP Pavilion s7617c           

HP 5188-7602

HP Pavilion s7620n           

HP Pavilion s7627c

HP Pavilion s7320n

HP Pavilion S3400T

HP Pavilion s7700n           

HP Pavilion s3707c

HP Pavilion s7712n

HP Pavilion s7713w

HP Pavilion s3750t

HP Pavilion s7727c

HP Pavilion s7000

HP Pavilion S3420F

& more...

AT PSU with -5Volt white wire, P8 & P9 connectors

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This PSU replaces the following items:


Acer Aspire 5133LK

AGI BPS-2001-4U

AGI BPS-2504-4U


Astec 190170-01

Astec 213-00013

Astec 628699-001

Astec 73-610-001

Astec 73-610-016

Astec PSE5-115-CI-001

Astec PSE5-115-CI-016

Astec SA145-3408

Astec SA145-3430

Astec SA201-3438

Astec SA201-3439

Astec SA201-3440

Astec SA201-3455

Astec SA301-3405

Astec SA302-3505

Astec VL201-3400

Athena Power AP-AT30

Athena Power AP-AT35

Athena Power AP-AT40

Athena Power AT-30

Bestec BPS-2504-4TU

Bestec BPS-2994-4U

Compaq 213928-001

Compaq 213929-001

Compaq 213976-021

Compaq 214969-001

Compaq 214978-001

Compaq 334540-001

Compaq 334543-001

Compaq Presario 5695

Compaq PS2021

Compaq PS-5151-4A

Compaq PS-5151-4C

Deer DR-230C

Delta DPS-145PB-38 A

Delta DPS-145PB-38 A Rev: 01

Delta DPS-200PB-8




Emacs HG2-6300P (AT)

Enermax E251P-V

Fs200 s40g

FSP 9PP2500201

FSP 9PP2500203



Gateway 6500010

G-Power 190308-01

G-Power GP-4150PB

G-Power GP-4200PB

Hipro HP-200 PPGN

Hipro HP-230PPFN

IBM 52G7955

IBM 92F0411

Kingspao KP-220TUL

Kingspao MPS-6220T

Liteon PA-4221-3A1

Liteon PS-5151-4A

Liteon PS-5151-4C

Macase MG-250EP

Manpower PP-300TA (no P8&P9)

Max Power KP-220TUL

Max Power MPS-6220T

NEC 158-050684-002

NEC 190170-01

NEC 213-00007

NEC SA302-3505-1276


Packard Bell 190050

Packard Bell DSP-1454P

Packard Bell PB150C

Power Switch Corp PS-AT-200CC

Power Tronic PTA-4200CF

Power Tronic SK-4145DE

PowerMan HP-230PP3

PowerWin PW-250APSA

Ram Technologies PFC230PC

Seventeam ST-300WHT-P

Sparkle 9PP2500201

Sparkle 9PP2500203

Sparkle SPI-250G

Sparkle SPI-250G-B

Sparkle SPI-300G

Sparkle SPI-300G-B




StarTech AG-230T

StarTech PS2POWER230

Topower TOP-250SS

Topower TOP-250SS-CE

Touch MU-250P

Zippy - Emacs HG2-6300P


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