CFX PSU  for Shuttle PCs, Slim BTX desktops

cfx psu










24pin ATX connector

2 x Molex

1 x Floppy

1 x 12V P4







1 x SATA



Note: The number of connectors may vary slightly depending on the version available at the time of purchase. If you require specific connectors, please check the PSU accessory list or contact us.




  Dimensions: TFX Micro ATX, 85x150x95mm.
  Voltage: 230Volt. (110/230 Volt switch securely covered but it can be uncovered).

  Applications: For some shuttle Pcs and slim BTX desktops.
  With RoHS, PFC, Noise killer and 80mm quite fan.

  Note: The 24pin and P4 Wires are 22cm long only but extensions cables can be provided on request. They are required for Fujitsu mainboards. Please let us know in the REMARK box when ordering.

  Suitable replacement for: PS-275EH, ST-300CPD, MPT-C275 & more...




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