FLEX ATX for Shuttle PCs, 1U 19" Rack mounts.











20+4pin ATX connector

2 x Molex

1 x Floppy

1 x 12V P4







2 x SATA



Note: The number of connectors may vary slightly depending on the version available at the time of purchase. If you require specific connectors, please check the PSU accessory list or contact us.




  Dimensions: FLEX ATX, 40x80x150mm.
  Voltage: 110/230Volt. (Full range).

  Applications: For some shuttle Pcs, 1U 19" Rack mounts and other very small PCs.
  With RoHS, Active PFC, Noise killer and 40mm quite fan.


-Main cable is 23cm long. Cable extensions may be necessary.

-Some PSU like the AM630BS20S have an extra connector like a Molex but with no red wire. To replace it safely, just use a normal Molex with the red wire.

-This PSU, like all new PSU does not have the -5V white wire  which is now obsolete.

-The fan may not spin unless the PSU is hot, which makes it a quite and long lasting PSU.

  Suitable replacement for: AM630BS20S, FSP200-50PLA, 9TPWR2004A, Merit EC7536-01 & more..




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